Monday, September 23, 2013

Important websites to learn

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There are so many websites are available in each and every fields. But among them, only few are becoming popular because of their quality content and services provide by them.
let see.

1. If you are interested in photography, use, here you can learn about photography from           basic level.

2. Do you like to become a good programer? then you should visit this site Here 
    you can learn about programming, if you would like to teach whatever you know, its also possible.

3. If you have wish to learn many languages by online, just visit this site

4. Are not you good at cooking? then this is the site for you where you can learn how to cook different             recipes. just go to this site.
5. Do you like to paint/drawing? just visit these 2 sites. 

To use these sites, we dont need to pay anything, because its completely free of cost. just share this post with your friends.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hiding folders and files using command prompt

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Some times, we need to hide our private files and folders from others. If we use the normal hiding method, other people easily can view those files. So we need new method to hide folders and files. Thats why we are here to learn. Already in this blog , we learned one method to hide,now we are going to learn one new method with the help of command prompt.

Hiding method for folders and files:

1. Start->Run or Press Ctrl+R

2. Type "cmd"

3. The command prompt window will be displayed
4.Then type "attrib +s +h C:\Movies" , press Enter.

5. The folder will be hidden.

Open the hidden folders and files:

Just replace the "+" by "-". for example:

type " attrib -s -h C:\Movies".

thats all, just comment, how is it?

Also watch this tutorial as video in our channel, and subscribe our youtube channel.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Google Android Os Jelly Bean 4.3

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Google has released new Android os that is JELLY BEAN 4.3 which is the updated version of 4.2.The CEO of chrome and android released also Nexus 7 tablet and chromecast.
The features of JELLY BEAN 4.3
1.Restricted Profiles:
We can create a one or more profiles for different users of our tablet. Also we can allot what are the applications they can view.

2. Bluetooth Smart:
This is very essential feature, because we can tie with any devices via bluetooth with low power and also we can connect our tablet with Smart Watch too.

3. OpenGL ES 3.0:
 It provides 2D and 3D Graphics services so we can play high performance level games in our tablet.

4. Dial pad auto complete:
The mobile number will be shown if we dial any one from our contact list.

5. The speed of the os is working fast comparing to previous version.

Some key Points about Android:

1. There are one million apps are available in Google Play.

2.There are 70 million tablets are running in Android os.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Accessing local disks on desktop

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Hello visitors, 
We need to store our data in hard disk of our system, when the operating system is being installed, the hard disk will be partitioned, usually its called local disk.

for example, it may be classified as Local disk c, local disk d and etc. it may be vary depending on the size of hard disk.

how can we access these partitioned disk? Normally we click My computer from start menu or desktop, then we can access these local disk. There is a chance to arise question now that cant we access those disk easily.

yes it is possible, we can have tool bar is desktop, in that tool bar we can add whatever we need. 

you may have "MyComputer" icon on the desktop, just drag to top of the screen, see what will happen. 
Now you can see, a tool bar is created.

Just look at this picture, in the top of the screen , there is a tool bar which has partitioned disk. 

Thats all.

you can learn these steps as a video in our youtube channel.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

How to make Internet Connection on a System via Android mobile?

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Everybody love to access internet in such a manner that are using laptop, pc and mobile phones. There are a lot of people who are using internet via smart phones/android phones.

We can access internet on mobile, also we can connect with pc or laptop.If we use JAVA-based mobile, we need to have appropriate software on our system. But there are 2 easy ways to connect internet on our system using android mobile.

1. The first way is using WIFI connection to connect with internet.
2. The second one is using USB cables, also we need to install respective usb driver in our system.

After installing the necessary usb drivers, just go to settings in your android mobile phone.
The new window will be open, Select "Wireless and networks".

In the next window, Select "Tethering and portable hotspot", then select "usb tethering"
Click "ok" in the next window.

If you dont have necessary usb drivers, just go to google, you can get it.

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